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Post Partum
Doula Care


Hourly: $40

Overnight (8hrs): $300


6hrs, $210

12hrs, $420

24hrs, $800

**variable hourly increments available, hourly discount begins at 6+hrs, and can be prorated if additional care is required from initial booking

Details of post-partum care

**Please note**

I give scheduling priority to my rostered clients. 

If you are considering post-partum care, please get in touch asap. We can complete intake, even if you are pregnant, so you are rostered and ready to book.  

In Ayurvedic care, which evidence supports, a woman should spend the first 42 days
post-partum resting, nourishing and bonding with baby.


But who's going to do the dishes!? 

Hiring a doula for post-partum care can help you and your family ease into new parenthood. Post-partum care looks different for every family. I support families through to baby's first birthday. Some of the things I help with include but are not limited to;

  • light housework (dishes, meal prep, laundry)

  • childcare while you're home (to shower, eat, rest, etc.)

  • assistance to appointments or short errands

  • in-person assistance with infant feeding and care, questions, etc.

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