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Hello, friends!

I'm Cass Elle, and I am a doula, childbirth educator and yoga instructor. 

My passion, clearly, lies within pregnancy, education and perinatal movement. Much of my yoga training has been dedicated to skills that translate back to supporting new families, such as breath work and meditation, restorative yoga and Ayruvedic care for pregnancy.


I began this path as I made my way through my own pregnancy journey, and have been so grateful for the experiences I've had - from women electing to have c-sections or inductions, to those opting to birth in the comfort of their homes with just themselves, and myself to witness. I want you to feel safe and supported on your pregnancy and parenting journey, and my offer is to stand by you, no matter what. 

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So what is a doula? 

A doula is a companion for an emotional transition in your life. Doulas are becoming more widespread, and are found not just in the birth world, but in other spheres as well, such as end of life care, transition care, fertility, sexuality and sensuality, empowerment and more!
Every doula, even with a ‘title’ will provide different care, and have different ranges, and scopes of practice. Doing your research for pregnancy care is key!

What is my scope of practice?
My primary scope of practice is within pregnancy, and the first year of parenthood
I support hospital, home and unassisted births.
I offer pregnancy related bereavement care, and termination support, usually at no cost 👼
I support all families, and family dynamics 🏳️‍🌈

My Mission
The three pillars of my care are;
📢 Advocacy
I will never stop fighting for you, and your choices. My support is unbiased, and unwavering, and I will see it through to the end, no matter what. 
🫂 Sovereignty
My care for you does not change, if you act contrary to my advice, or belief system. Your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey is your own! I'm here to support you, no matter what it looks like. 
📚 Informative, Evidence Based Care
I am always in learning, so that I can provide you the most up to date information regarding your questions, concerns and care. I will never shroud facts and information from you, and will provide you resources to help you make the most informed decisions possible in regards to your pregnancy, labour and beyond. 


Birth Doula (Doula School, DONA Approved)
Basics in Lactation (Supporting Breast/Chest Feeding for Doulas) 

50hr Holistic Birth Educator (Lamaze trained)

500hr Yoga Instructor 
RYPT (85hr Sacred Birth YTT)
20hr Post-Natal YTT (Baby and Me)

40hr Restorative and Yin YTT (The Art of Rest)

10hr Advanced Pranayama and Physiology of Breath (for Yoga Teachers)

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