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Doula Care

As a birth keeper, I offer continuous physical, emotional and informational support to my clients and their family, through conception, pregnancy, labour and up to the first year of baby's life. Where we start our journey together is up to you! 

I provide support for ALL birth - this means I support elective c-sections to unassisted home births and everything in between, without bias or judgement. 

I practice evidence based care, and while I will always provide you the best information available, ultimately, I  support the decisions you and your family make for your pregnancy, birth and parenting experience. 

Full Spectrum Birth Keeping

While my formal packages are listed below, it is important to note that I offer both payment plan options, and sliding scale based on income. 

If you would like birth support, but finances are an obstacle, please reach out! 


The packages below are just examples of how my services can be bundled together. If you'd like to discuss a different customization, reach out!

A La Carte Offerings

Sometimes you have the support you need during labour, but you still require a little extra help along this journey. 

*All services listed below are part of my full spectrum care*

Looking to Share the Gift of Support?

Gift cards are a great way to give the gift of support to a new parent in your life! 

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