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My home studio, is your studio - I am currently teaching primarily on Zoom, though I’m available for in person private or semi-private classes throughout Niagara, the Golden Horseshoe and the GTA.


Come meet me on your mat!


Power yoga is a dynamic vinyasa style class that redefines what most people consider yoga. Come ready to get your heart pumping and to break a sweat! 

Power yoga classes are appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners. Beginners will find their edge in comfortable, well known postures, but seasoned pros have the opportunity to push their limits in advanced levels of the same asanas.

I teach 30min and 60min power yoga classes in both group and private settings. 

Power yoga classes do not require props, but practice can be enhanced at all levels with blocks or a strap. 

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Restorative yoga is a practice of rest and peace. Meditations and breathing techniques are blended with short sequences and long asana holds. 

Restorative classes are recommended for everyone - not just practitioners of yoga. The best gift you can give yourself is time and space with yourself. Restorative yoga is gentle on the body, and rejuvenates the mind. 

I teach restorative classes in 60 min and 1hr30min sessions.

Restorative yoga requires props to complete class. Not all traditional props may be available to you, but if practicing at home, it's easy to improvise. 

Blocks / Books of similar size 

Strap / sweater, towel, blanket

Bolster, meditation pillow / body pillow, couch cushions

Don't forget an eye cover and blankets! 

Falling asleep in a restorative class is common - it means you're in the right place!


Whether you have an established yoga practice, or you've never own a fitness mat pregnancy is the best time to start! My prenatal sequences are slow and gentle, but still gives those looking for a stronger flow room to challenge themselves. 

I have two styles of postpartum yoga. 

Baby and Me classes are open to any family member and their little one to attend. The sequence focuses on hips, core and upper body to work out the new tensions spots from holding your little ones, while integrating song and play for mom or dad to bond with baby. 

My Post Natal Power classes are just for mom. Don't let the word power fool you - this is NOT a power class, but a class for you to rediscover your strength and power. Much like Baby and Me, this class focuses on hips, core and upper body, but does not include the song and play segment - though your little one is still welcomed to join! 

All prenatal and postnatal classes are either 60 mins or 1hr30 mins. 

Prenatal classes require a bolster or pillows, and blocks are highly recommended for comfort. 
Props are optional for postnatal classes, but the practice of rest is greatly enhanced if bolsters, blocks or pillows are available. 

PrePost Natal Announcement.png
PrePost Natal Announcement.png


Deep Flow combines the dynamic sequences of power yoga with the deep rest of restorative. 

The sequences of a deep flow class begin with a restful hold, and move into a longer dynamic flow than typical of a restorative class. Each flow ends with a complimentary restful hold to how it began, with the option of taking deep rest with the aid of props, or holding unaided for a nice juicy stretch. 

Deep flow does not require props to complete, but props may compliment your practice. 
A blanket is encouraged for savasana/final rest, or additional layers nearby, as you move from strong dynamic motion to cooler, slower movement as the class progresses. 


I run a weekly 'free flow' series. 

Like the name suggests, these classes are free, in more than one way. 

First, these classes don't necessarily follow a style, or specific sequence. Until I start teaching, I usually don't know where class is going to move, quite literally. My recommendation is to come prepared for anything!

Secondly, these classes are *free. 
These classes are run as a 'pay-what-you-can' or donation based, they are free to register for, and you will no be denied entry for class if a payment is not received before the start of class.  

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$15 per hour class*

 Please contact me directly to discuss the purchase of multiple classes. 


$30+ **

** Private classes can be booked for online or in person instruction. 

$30 *for 30 minutes

$55* for 60 minutes

$75* for 90 minutes

*Additional fees may apply to in person instruction


What are you waiting for? I can't wait to meet you on your mat! 
Still have some questions? That's okay to! Contact me and let's work something out. 

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